What helps companies survive in difficult times?

Following the example of nature, all animals collect enough reserves to survive difficult times, hold on until spring, and live on. So, companies are like living organisms, and when setting them up, you should take into account the difficult times and start collecting reserves as soon as possible. If you have reserves and good financial planning, you can successfully survive times of crisis and ensure the success of your business by constantly adapting.

The biggest problem for small companies going bankrupt with the first difficult situatsion is precisely that they do not have enough resources and financial planning to survive difficult times, or worse, they have no reserves at all.

The most common cash flow problem is also the lack of available funds. However, this problem is the easiest to solve. A proper cash reserve allows any company to always overcome short-term emergencies.


Simple but requires discipline. Start collecting a monetary reserve for your company today.

Step 1 It’s helpful in this process if you have a budget for current and projected expenses. Create a budget that allows you to set the size of the reserve and the next steps to meet your financial goal.

Step 2 Depending on the circumstances, size and available resources of your company, create a monetary reserve to cover your business expenses for a few months. To do this, transfer a small part of your revenue to a separate savings account.

Step 3 Increase the reserved amount in your account until you reach a level of confidence. For companies operating in different fields, these levels are different, therefore, take into account the market situation and possible risk factors when planning.

Step 4 Consider using the Sisiflow cash flow planning tool. It is specially designed to give you a quick and easy overview of your company’s financial situation – not only in the current moment but also in view of the future. Test the Sisiflow web application for free here.

NB! Do not use your collected reserve for anything other than an emergency.

One thing to keep in mind – cash flow problems can be serious and jeopardize a company’s ability to stay in business. If you do not have direct financial experience, choose to work with SISI Finantsid or some other financial expert to help identify and solve your company’s problems. Contact us.

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