Our history

Kaie and Ly both started their education from the same university – Tallinn University of Technology, Kaie got her degree in IT, and Ly graduated from Economics.

But they don’t know each other from there… yet

Kaie’s extensive work experience comes from Telia, where she held the position of Internet and Television Product Manager. Having experience in both in IT and account, after years for Telia she opened her own company and in corporate accounting.

in 2014, With indpendently corporate clients they both have the same dream in mind, how to start a paperless systematic accounting firm?

Their story only begins here…

Aside their dream, they share some of the hobbies – long distance training and this is how they meet – sitting next to one to stretch out. Their conversation revealed quickly they were looking for like-minded people.

They understood the importance of the moment – a quick intuitive and calculated decision was made – to set up an accounting office offering a paperless accounting service, which was named SISI Finantsid from the (again matching) initials of their then surnames at that time (Siilivask and Sillanurm).

SISI Finantsid was born…

Their biggest mission was to inform entrepreneurs the accountants are not only law enforcers but can also be their partners – providing them with day-to-day data from real accounting to make management decisions.

The main goals were to provide accounting in real-time and over the Internet and automate daily work as much as possible

Fast forward from that day the co-operation has been well established and by today the office has grown into a team-of-six accounting FIRM. The client base has sine grew six-fold from 25 companies to 150. SISI Finantsid works in a hybrid way and the accounting services are being provided both from home and the office-based accountants.

We have always looked for simple solutions to complex and time-consuming jobs

Automation and the use of information technology in daily work has been the number one priority in our company. Our vision was to create financial software to help business leaders make management decisions based on real-time accounting data. This is how the SISIFLOW financial software was born, which enables the companies an ability to make smart decisions in this fast-paced market.

’’ Accounting services should not be seen as an extra cost to you but added value ’’

We believe we have been confident from the decisions and risks we have made… we believe we not only can offer great accounting services but also offer our expertise in your field of business. We believe accountants do not need to be your employees to think with you and understand your business and offer it our expertise.

When you grow, we grow!

Accounting services should not be seen as an extra cost to you but added value.

From the moment we met, we have found a synergy that works between us, having complementary skills, we are a dream team where 1 + 1 adds up more than two!

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