Keep your company finances under control with the help of SISIFLOW


Entrepreneurship inevitably involves various activities and paperwork that take up your time and attention. Sometimes the jungle of numbers and invoices obscures the clear understanding of the state of your company finances.

Have you as a manager been stressed out because:

  • you lack a clear overview of your company finances?
  • there is not enough money in the bank account and you cannot understand where it has all gone?
  • on the day the taxes need to be paid, the amount of the taxes is an unpleasant surprise?
  • your business decisions depend on the amount of money on the bank account?
  • invoices are too often unpaid or even lost and you lack any control over them?
  • sales invoices have not been drawn up and the money is not received on time due to this?
  • there’s no overview of your future cash flows?
  • you pay a monthly salary to your accountant but s/he is not helpful for everyday management?

If you responded YES to any of the above questions, we have a solution for you – SISIFLOW.

SISIFLOW is a simple and convenient tool that helps you keep your company finances under control easily and quickly, both today and in the future.

SISIFLOW already shows the current state of your company finances in the future. It does not take much time or filling in lots of Excel worksheets.


  • provide information on the account balance both before and after each incoming or outgoing invoice;
  • control company tax burden and provide early warning of taxes suffocating the solvency of the company;
  • make future forecasts based on earlier revenues and expenditure with just one click;
  • make correct business decisions based on the future forecasts;
  • collect all purchase invoices into one list and sort these on due dates;
  • control sales invoices and immediately react if these are not paid by their due date;
  • increase the usefulness of bookkeeping in everyday management of the company.

SISIFLOW is easy to use and saves your valuable time as that of all entrepreneurs. Our SISIFLOW team values your time too and helps you save it. SISIFLOW is the best investment if you want to make your company more successful and take company finances under control.



Come and get acquainted with the new and innovative SISIFLOW tool.

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